Shooting in Radiology departments across the Cape Province has been both surreal and rewarding; finding myself in areas normally reserved for medical professionals or for those receiving diagnosis and treatment. 

Working with clients like Cape Town MRI,  SCP Radiology,  the Cape PET-CT Centre,  and Morkel Nuclear Medicine has challenged me in ways I never thought possible as a photographer.  It has been a wonderful journey thus far that I have absolutely relished.


Cape Town - Foreshore & City BOwl

The Northern Suburbs


The West Coast



General Medical

My photographic work also takes me into the fields of Dentistry, Family Medicine, Chiropractic,  and Bio-kinetics in and around Cape Town.

Additionally, I have the privileged of providing imagery for niche medical marketing and design companies such as Avily and GetaDoc.



Dental Clinics



Family Practicioners