I've teamed up with Africa's leading Eco-Active travel company Bike & Saddle. I assist in guiding their guests through the various technicalities of good photography, and then take them even further, from theory to practice, joining on tour and providing exclusive hands-on assistance.  It's tourism meets practical photo-workshop.  And it's a whole lot of fun. 

Travel + Photography

The Bike & Saddle Eco-Active Studio is available to Bike & Saddle guests (essentially people traveling to Southern Africa keen on active and interactive Eco-friendly tours) who want to not only see the sights but also learn more about photography and how to take better photos; and it's available to guests with any level of photographic experience, with equipment ranging from their iPhone's to DSLR's and everything in between.

Are Non-Photographers Welcome?

Trips accommodate both non-photographers and complete novices.  Practical and fun, these are ideal for solo travellers, couples, or families looking to learn how to capture that perfect shot with whichever camera they choose to travel with. In essence, I’ll teach you the basics of photography while you're on tour, and you will be taking beautiful shots in no time!

Which Tours Are Available?

Bike & Saddle offers several tours in and around South Africa's Western Cape province, and as far afield as Mozambique, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.  The Eco-Active studio can be either an add-on onto any of the existing tours, or as a standalone offering. 

Bike & Saddle not only provides guests with the option of  workshops and tailored private tuition on the tours (as part of the trip) but also the possibility of tutoring prior to the trip departure date - so all lessons are carried out before and not during the tour. It's completely up to you.

One of the best things about Bike & Saddle is that you have the ability to tailor and customise your trips.  Photography lessons before, during, or before and during your tour? It's totally up to you! The Bike & Saddle team is both flexible and professional.  Be sure to browse all their tours and offerings on their website at

How do I book?

Simply contact the Bike & Saddle team via their website, and they will get back to you with availability and pricing -  and be sure to mention Ken Treloar Photography when you book!