Outcast Captures - A Photo Series Experiment

Poodle Dog Doggie Puppy Walking Cute Pink Colorful Colorpop Pulling Owner Pet Excited by Ken Treloar Photography (1).JPG


Throughout the months of April and May (and perhaps beyond that) I will be sharing a series of posts - an experiment if you will - on particular yet often unrelated details found in particular spaces; photos that were taken for no particular reason at all, other than the fact that I liked the look of the shot/thing/item/place at the time. Details that have firstly caught my eye and secondly caused a quick relay from said eye to my trigger-happy index finger. 

Over the years I have taken stacks and stacks of seemingly random and miscellaneous shots. Some of the images I absolutely adore, and some are merely intriguing.  My wish is that you might enjoy them too.  

So, after a long hard ponder as to what to do with all these outcast captures, I've decided to share them with the world and basically see what happens. I think it might be better than letting them rest like paintings in a closet in an abandoned home. AKA my old hard-drive.  

I first started playing with this idea (although it is not a unique concept by any stretch of the imagination) on Instagram, placing some of my shots from the Zeitz MOCAA on my profile as "stories".  Additionally, I have been following other 'Instagramers' and their accounts where they are doing something similar (without realising perhaps) with great interest; and I really enjoy seeing each of their new shots pop-up in my feed. One of my favourites this past week has been that of @elinista_.

If this kind of post strikes your fancy and you're liking (or hating) what I am doing, please make my day and let me know about what you think of my images, or perhaps this whole concept in general, in the comments below :)

Check back soon for the first batch of posts!

Thank you for being awesome.