Challenge Excepted! Home-brewing made simpler.


As a member of the SouthYeasters Homebrewers Club and of course a keen homebrewer myself, I jumped at the opportunity to get some free wort at this month's meeting.

The Great Wort Challenge - South Yeasters Homebrewers Club 2018 - blog post by Ken Treloar Photography (1).jpg

"The Great Wort Challenge" as it's been officially named, has only a few conditions....

In exchange for the sponsored wort, some yeast, bottles, and basic advice on how to go about brewing at home (for those new to it) you could head home with a full fermentor of either 5L or 20L and simply let it run its course & hopefully enjoy some great tasting home brewed beer a few weeks later, AND contribute a few bottles of your homebrew to the club's Summer Fest event. And that's it!

I managed to get a few shots of the evening's events in between chatting with fellow club members, sipping on some Afro Carribbean Brewing Company (ACBC) beer, and making sure I got my fermentor filled!

Sorry Ken, but what is Wort exactly?

Have no fear!  
Find out in this interesting article here:


Other Helpful Resources

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