Coffee Shop Stop - with Mary-Jean Jewellery


Coffee shops are one of my favourite places to meet up in and around the city, any city really. And with so many to choose from, it never gets old really.

[See a post about my last coffee-shop visit here]

Have you visited one coffee shop waaaaay too often? Just pop on over to the next one. Easy!  And in Cape Town, there's no shortage of splendid coffee shops!

I've actually started doing Coffee Shop Tours in and around Cape Town. So, if you're into coffee and seeing the sights while travelling - let me show you around!  If you like, you can read through some of the testimonials about what other travellers have had to say about touring with me.

Anyway, I'm going on a bit of a tangent. Where was I? Oh, yes! ... My wife and I met up with my sister Mary-Jean for a nice day out on the peninsula while she was visiting in Cape Town a while back. I've only just gone through the photos we took that day! Am I the only one that's bad at getting photos processed and sent to family & friends? [Sorry Sis!] Anyway, enough with the self-imposed guilt trip. Below are some of the shots from our lovely morning meeting in Kalk Bay at Bootlegger Coffee Company :) Enjoy!

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