Spotlight: Picture South Africa


Given up on the struggle of trying to find your favourite photographer online on the multitude of overwhelming freelancer sites?...  Are you over the anxiety of trying to find your photographer on listings and directories?... Would you rather skip the fear of hiring your own photographer who might disappoint, all the while costing the world? Are you a budding photographer yourself?

Picture South Africa is bringing quality South African scenery, people, events, feelings and emotions to the industry in a way which is fresh, exciting, and yet typically South African. What do we do better in SA than band together to make something happen all while shaking things up a bit?

I met with Hayley Prior and the Picture South Africa team, and a few of the Capetown-based photographers in a beautiful work space in Woodstock, we had brunch and discussed how things were going and where we would like to be. I teamed up with them online back in September this year, and it was even better to be able to finally put some names to faces :)

With a large number of local South African photographers at their disposal, if that perfect image you're looking for isn't already in their ever-growing photo library, they will find it for you! 

Let's be honest, the traditional stock photography industry has become super stale, to say the least. The internet has become littered with a myriad of stock photography sites, and like most trends (remember the clip-art phase?) it's dying a slow yet inevitable death.

While some awesome sites like Unsplash are reshaping the stock photography world - where large High Definition images are becoming accessible and are actually free to use, forever - others are the same old thing we've seen for years.

I'm totally into freely available high-quality imagery (I actually have my own Unsplash account too) but how would someone get hold of a very specific genre of photos and all curated with a South African 'flavour' in mind? How do you find photos that have been taken in a style which you think will resonate best with your clients & customers?

That's where Picture South Africa comes in. Braai vibes? Gotcha! Need some South African scenery, people and culture, events, or typical SA cityscapes and skylines? Check, check, and... check! 

Essentially, it is stock photography (which dates back to the 1920's, so it's not a new idea) but now you know where to go if you or your company wants something truly South African. Also, it's good to know that all of the images have been okayed by the people in the photos. Picture South Africa prides themselves on the fact that all the people in their images have given consent. Believe me, this is a big deal.

So when you purchase an image from the Picture South Africa site, you can be sure it has been taken and distributed ethically.  Additionally, you will be supporting local photographers (like me) who in turn are supporting the people in their photographs. It's a beautiful thing. 


The awesome people I got to meet at the brunch:

Marzahn Botha (website)
Greg Beadle (profile)
Mike Rose (profile)
Dillon Kin (profile)
Dwayne Senior (Instagram)
Sam Wilkinson (profile)
Meg Dutriou (profile)
Mark Peddle (website)
Chris Acheson (profile)


I'm keen. How does it work?

If you're looking for some high-quality photographs (think social media, marketing, web design, projects, artwork, etc) You have a few options in terms of image type. Some are 'royalty free' which means they can sell over & over again, and others are purchased for 'full commercial use' or to use 'exclusively'. For more info on the differences between all of these visit the Picture South Africa site, here.

If you're looking to become a contributing photographer (and add to the photo collection and potentially earn some lekker pocket money) you can get hold of the Picture South Africa team, here


Additionally, you can find Picture South Africa on the following channels:


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