Ken Treloar is a Cape Town based photographer with a friendly and relaxed demeanour and professional work ethic. His affinity for photography goes back many years, and spans several genres.

Natural-light portraiture and lifestyle imagery filled with emotion are high-up on his list of favourites to shoot. His often narrative style has been described as candid documentary with a touch of editorial. From playful to dramatic, his work spans from cheerful colour in abundance to impactful moody shots, and everything in between. The aim is always to convey emotion through visual storytelling, in a way which aligns with each assignment and his client’s overall shoot concept.

You can also find Ken shooting street scenes, travel adventures, sweeping landscapes, and as much of the natural world around him as he can, whenever he gets the chance. Connect with him here if you have any questions at all, and keep up-to-date with his work on his blog.