Ken Treloar is a full-time professional photographer and works with clients, models, and agencies all over the world.  He has an acute love for meeting new people, traveling, learning, and teaching.

Ken is also the creator of “Pro Photo Café” and tailored programs that educate photographers of all levels to not only improve on their work. He also touches on how they can make the most of their time, be more productive, and turn their passion into a profitable business that lets them not only do more of what they love but support those they care about most.

When Ken first started working as a photographer, he was juggling his day-job with studying and trying to make ends meet. He was newly married and had a whole bunch of debt (including a big study loan) to pay off.  His photography “career” was launched from his tiny 1-bedroom apartment with nothing more than a laptop, an old camera borrowed from a friend, and working with a portfolio no bigger than a few of photos taken on his recent honeymoon.  

After that humble start, Ken quickly and deliberately transitioned from an enthusiast to part-time, and then a full-time photographer. All while managing his time, building a portfolio, his client base, and a business he could call his own, with a calendar that was flexible enough to let him do what he loved most. His company made spending more time with his wife possible while providing for his family in the way he had always dreamt.  It also meant Ken could pay off his student loan, manage his bills, travel more, and do more of what makes him feel alive.

Making the transition was by no means easy, and Ken had to draw on a host of resources and information. Absorbing and processing knowledge from thousands of online sources, books, other experts, and online mentors. Ken grew his business one small step at a time, all while making mistakes, learning from his struggles and optimizing what he found was working best; doubling down on those efforts to bring about even better results.

But the story was just getting started, and once Ken realized that he had his business off the ground, there was still something missing. That “thing” was his love for teaching. It’s the major reason “Pro Photo Café” exists, and his lessons geared at fellow photography enthusiast and entrepreneurs have helped people from all over the world turn their passion into a viable business, just like he did, only faster.  

Ken lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with his wife Andrea, where he continues to pursue his passions for all kinds of outdoor fun, traveling, and photography.



This site – – is the place where Ken shows how he has been able to create much of his success (when he started his own business, it all began without spending a single dollar, and although Ken liked the idea of taking photographs, he had NO professional experience.  And it's been a wild and crazy ride).  And "Pro Photo Café" is the platform on which Ken gets to share all the valuable lessons learned along the way, and teach them to others.

More importantly, this site is about you, and how to build and grow your own photography business, sell your work, and realize your dreams.

P.S.  Ken built this site to be about teaching and inspiring enthusiasts, photographers, and entrepreneurs. From time to time he might link to other resources like books, courses, photography equipment, software and the like. Some of those links might be affiliate links. Of course, he's not going to send you to a page if he doesn't believe in the product, service, or the information on the other end of that link - but he just wanted to let you know.


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