I'm Ken, a freelance photographer currently based in Cape Town, and course creator at Pro Photo Café - a photography-focused online learning portal, where I help enthusiasts to become better photographers and land more jobs.

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More About Ken

I haven’t been to every continent, nor have I reached the top of their highest peaks. Hey, I haven’t even climbed Kilimanjaro.  But I've traveled to many other faraway places and created a whole bunch of wonderful imagery for myself and for others. 

I’ve made it my life’s mission to be as creative as I can in everything I do, and as adventurous as I can everywhere I go. 

Desk job? No thanks. I’d go absolutely insane without photography, film, music, the outdoors, and my wonderful wife Andrea.  Vibrant colors, dramatic landscapes, and beautiful moments caught and preserved  make my heart race!  Being able to share even a fraction of it all with you online, plus my writings on lessons learned and places traveled... make my day all the brighter.

I hope that my images inspire you to move, to travel, and to explore, or simply warm your heart, bring a smile to your face, or a bit of sunshine into your own day.  For me, it's about creating images people will really enjoy as much as I enjoy creating them.

I've had work featured in several publications, exhibitions, and on a host of online platforms, and I’m grateful for every one of those opportunities & features. When I think about it, it feels a bit surreal, and I'm intensely grateful for the recognition and support from my peers, family, friends, and my clients.

I believe deeply in meaningful and professional relationships. I appreciate work that has a sense of community and I enjoy collaboration.  
I would love to work with you.  Let’s be friends.  Better yet, let’s climb Kilimanjaro.